iDrive Entertainment creates an environment to be able to work together, learn together, and have fun together.


Team Building at Its Finest!

TeamDrive is our core service and full of benefits. If you’re dealing with high employee turnover, or want to improve relations between your teams and their leaders, or strengthen your companies morale, or simply just get together to enjoy time together, than iDrive is a great fit.

Improve Company Morale

When individuals are looking for a new job or thinking about their current one, company morale is usually one of the first things they consider. When one enjoys their work environment they are more likely to stay, refer their employer to a friend, and work more effectively. TeamDrive is certain to boost morale within your organization.

Strengthen & Build Work Relationships

Organizational research indicates that at least 70% of the variance in team engagement is explained by the quality of the manager or team leader. More simply said; teams are more engaged when led by a good leader! iDrive helps develop good leaders and strengthen the relationships between team and leader.

Increase Employee Engagement

On average 70% of employees in the U.S. are not engaged. Organizations and teams with higher employee engagement and lower active disengagement perform at higher levels. TeamDrive is an excellent way to get more of your disengaged employees into the engaged category.

Provide A Developmental Experience

It takes time and a consistent effort to change an organization from mostly disengaged to mostly engaged employees, but it’s not impossible. Companies that have successfully done this built a culture of high development experiences, which led to high achievement. TeamDrive is a development experience and can help with this shift.

New location OPEN!

Our new office is in Lehi so come in and experience iDrive! Multiple tracks to race on, a drag strip, light trees and so much more to enjoy. Call us to reserve a track or the entire game room for a private event.

305 South 850 East #103A Lehi, UT 84043


What People Are Saying

I was able to participate in a team building activity through iDrive Entertainment and I was floored at how fun it actually was. The staff was friendly and by the end of the event I became friends with people i didn’t even know previously! The controllers were easy to use, the track was legit and i loved the different races we did. I highly recommend this company for any corporate event you have! You’ll be Stoked!

Stephanie Dunham

“We decided to hire iDrive for one of our corporate events at Entrata and it was a hit for every group that participated. We are so glad we had iDrive at our event and it won’t be the last time we do either. These guys were very professional and made it easy for everyone to be involved and have fun. I recommend iDrive for any event.”

Chantel Lyman – Corporate Events Entrata

“It’s super fun and very competitive. Also makes for a great team builder. The staff is super energetic and great at keeping the energy hype at all times... I’m excited to have these guys back at Oracle for another company event.”

Michelle C Newman Namauu – Oracle

“This is such a fun corporate event activity!! If your team is competitive, this is for you guys!! The whole place was off the walls with excitement. The idrive team was super fun to work with and really professional! 100% recommend for any event with a group of 10 people or larger! :)”

Demi Lucy May Kee

We loved working with iDrive at the Silicon Slopes 2019 Tech Summit. This team is doing great things and we are happy to be a referral for anyone! The track brings quiet people together to interact and do something that everyone loves, racing!

Cambry Beazer

We LOVED having iDrive at our corporate party! Nate and Kevin were so professional and easy to work with. The track was amazing and those cars go so fast! Most of our employees said it was the highlight of the party!

Kevin Auernig

The staff were very friendly and helpful! I had such a blast with my friends! It's a perfect place to hang out and race. The cars can go so fast, and the price is amazing.

Michael Aldous

I had a great time racing around the track that was brought. The employees really enjoy themselves and you can tell they love their job! I would highly recommend!!

Braden Dunford

We had iDrive come in to our office for a team building exercise and it was AMAZING. Our whole team was so engaged throughout the time and I have had multiple employees come up to me after to tell me how much fun they had. I would highly recommend bringing them in for your events.

Clay Gerstner

Went here for a date night with my husband and had a great time! We did some fun slot car racing together and with other people there. Seriously fun and would be especially awesome if you had a big group or family.

Christina Deaver

We had IDrive bring their track out to our corporate office for a fun team building activity. It was actually super awesome to watch everyone communicate with each other all around the table while there are 3 other teams mixed in. It was a fun activity while still providing the "team building" benefits that we were looking for. Plus, the IDrive employees were so high energy and awesome to have around! I'd definitely recommend having these guys come to your events!

Carlee Carroll – NorthStar

This is freaking awesome! Would recommend for anyone that loves fun and engaging competition.

Chris Dinehart – VP Sales Ops, Northstar

This was such a fun birthday party for my 6 year old son. I basically paid a very reasonable price for their premium package and they took care of the rest. Pizza, entertainment, and prizes. The kids and adults had so much fun!!!!!

Bobbie Long

Why iDrive Entertainment?

Team Building

Some of the many aspects of TeamDrive are: encourages communication, learn to adapt quickly, decision making in a fast-pace environment, and strategizing as a group.

It's For Everybody

...And we mean EVERYBODY! It doesn’t matter who you are, anyone can race and have fun doing it!

Something New and Unique

We are always looking for something new to experience and chances are you have never done something quite like this before. If you or your teams are tired of doing the same old activities then it’s time to give us a test drive.

What are you waiting for? Schedule a time to come race!