Add a little competition to your relationship

Have you ever hosted a couples game night? It’s not for the faint of heart. There’s nothing more awkward than watching a relationship implode before your eyes over who landed on Boardwalk avenue. While competition can sometimes bring out a side of someone you may rarely see — beast mode, no holds barred, in it to win it, whatever you want to call it! — it can also bring out the best in people. A little competition in your relationship is a good thing. Here’s how:

  • Increased communication: Couples have to learn to communicate to be successful, and a little rivalry is a great way to stretch those communication skills. You can learn to work together as a team and make decisions to win, or you can compete against one another and enjoy some playful banter as you egg one another on. When couples come to our racetrack, they have a great time racing against one another in a simple activity that allows them to have fun and relax, as long as the trash talk stays in bounds.
  • Increased playfulness. As a kid, competing in sports and games was how we played. It’s easy to forget that as adults. That’s why so many of our patrons love playing on our track. It brings out their inner child. When you are in a relationship, there is always tough stuff that you have to face. Connecting with your playful side is a great way to loosen up and enjoy one another.
  • Ease tension. It’s not easy to be in a relationship. We all know that we occasionally get frustrated with our partners. That’s why it can be so fun to beat your partner at something. It lets you get out that inner frustration safely and playfully.

If you’ve had a negative experience with competition, perhaps it is the type of competition you’ve chosen. If you’re playing a board game, for instance, and one of you struggles with logic-based reasoning, puzzles or other skills, things can get messy. Don’t say a big no to competing against your partner if you’ve had this experience; just do it the right way!

If you want to get a bit competitive without the fear of a Trivial Pursuit breakdown, book your next date night at our track. You’ll start your engines, do a few laps, laugh, maybe even talk a little trash talk, and reap all the benefits of some healthy competition. A few rounds at our racetrack, and you wouldn’t be able to remember who left the toilet seat up, or who forgot to buy milk with the groceries.

What are you waiting for? Schedule a time to come race!