Team Drive


Racing is a TEAM sport. There are Drivers, Co-Drivers and Runners. Each one with it's specific role and everyone on the team experiences each position. With all the speed, role changes, PIT stops, and multiple heats, this is one of the best team building activities you will ever be a part of. We are mobile as well!

Drive to Educate


The iDrive curriculum provides students of all ages with a hands on learning experience that they won't forget. Students work together to build cars choosing wheel diameter, wheel compound, chasis type, and other variables. Then it's off to the races where they record specific data points and compete against other students.



Be the busiest booth at any convention by inviting iDrive to drive traffic straight to you. We have tracks and race formats designed specifically for conventions and trade shows. With leaderboards, prizes, 20 lap dashes, and all the lights and noise there is no doubt people won't find their way to your booth!

iDrive Entertainment

We love to simply entertain as well! We enjoy being part of birthday parties, family reunions, holiday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties and any other excuse to get together and have fun. We can host the party at our place or we can bring the fun to you. With themed tracks, prize wheel, winner's podium, medals, and more it's the perfect addition to your party.

You want your own track?

We also sell tracks for your business, or basement, or whatever you feel like! Starting at $1,500.00

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